Formal DressFormal Dress

Clothing is an important element of a successful individual or family portrait. In order to draw attention to the face(s) in the portrait, we recommend dark, solid colors such as navy, black or jewel tones. For women and girls, a formal/cocktail dress is beautiful and flattering and tends to lay nicely without puckering and wrinkling. For men and boys, a dark jacket or button down shirt (freshly pressed) and dark pants. It looks best if everyone wears the same or similar color clothing, this will draw the eye to the faces in the portrait. 

We recommend choosing timeless clothing and jewelry that will not look dated in 10 years. We want YOU to be the focus of the portrait, not your outfit!

Hair should be neatly styled, and makeup is recommended for women. Men should be clean shaven (unless they normally have a mustache or beard).

Note: If you must be casual, the above guidelines regarding color and timelessness still apply. Denim should be dark, clean, and no rips.