Our portraits are offered in two extraordinary finishes:


The Classic Finish                                


The Classic Finish is our signature finish which offers the realism of a photograph with rich artistic enhancements. Our artist will carefully enhance all the right areas to make everyone look their best. The portrait is then finished with a linen texture, mounted on masonite for durability, and sealed with a protective coating. Our classic finish is available in all sizes.


Classic Finish


The Masterpiece Finish


Our Masterpiece Finish is rendered like a painting. Our artist takes your portrait and, using a software designed for traditional painters, paints the entire portrait to create the beauty and feel of a free-hand painting. We then bleed archival quality pigments into the highest quality canvas. The end result is an exquisite art piece that will be passed down for generations!

Because of the amount of labor involved, our Masterpiece Finish is limited to 30” portraits and larger.


Masterpiece Finish